House Rules

Check-in/out Times

Standard check-in time on the day of arrival is after 4pm unless discussed otherwise. Standard check-out time will be before 10am on the day of your departure unless otherwise discussed. If you desire to check in or out at a time outside the standard time, feel free to ask us and we are happy to see how we can accommodate you best.

Check Out Instructions

- Place all trash in the appropriate trash cans.
- Load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Our cleaning crew will run the dishwashing cycle.
- Please start a load of white towels in the laundry.
- Please put any additional dirty towels such as beach towels or used bath towels that do not fit into the first load of laundry in the guest bathroom tub.
- If you use the grill: please burn off food and grease, scrape using the wire brush, turn off the propane, and replace the grill cover.

Trash Removal

Please place all trash in the provided garbage cans throughout the house using the provided trash bags (in the Kitchen pantry). Should the interior cans become full, please place those bags in the exterior big trash can in the side yard inside the gated fence. There is also a yellow recycling container for cardboard and paper products, and a blue bin for glass & plastic. PLEASE USE FOR RECYCLING ONLY. The garbage is picked up curbside first thing Thursday mornings and our cleaner brings them to the curb Wednesday night. After the garbage is collected curbside, please return the exterior garbage/recycling containers to the side yard.

No pets, please

We want to be considerate of future guests who might have allergies, and sharing a space with domesticated house animals doesn't make that easy. So, unfortunately we are not able to accommodate any furry friends.

Keep it fresh

Live here like you live here. If things get dirty, we just kindly ask that you clean it up, just like you would at your own house. We want to make that easy for you, so we’ve got cleaning supplies, a vacuum, paper towels, tp, laundry and dish detergents, etc. Please note that there will only be an initial supply of paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, and basic cleaning supplies provided. There are a few additional rolls of toilet paper and paper towels in the laundry room. You can purchase additional supplies at nearby Publix, Aldi, or Walmart grocery stores as needed.


We love and cherish being able to gather with close friends, so feel free to invite a few others over for a meal or good conversation, but we will not allow for large parties. Please be respectful of quiet hours and only allow listed guests to spend the night.

Quiet Hours

For the sake of being respectful to our neighbors, quiet hours are from 10pm-7am. Enjoy time with friends and family, while letting our neighbors get good nights rest.

Smoking & illegal Substance Use

We do not permit the use of illegal substances such as drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. Smoking of any kind including tobacco, vapes, or burning of incense is strictly prohibited.